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You can always rest assured with Assurance Tax & Accounting.

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Welcome to Assurance Tax & Accounting Services

Assurance Tax & Accounting, located in Northern Virginia, recognizes the need for financial representation for an enormous, evolving business community housed in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. Our clients range in size, revenue, and sector classification, encompassing high net-worth individuals who identify themselves as entrepreneurs, as well as commercial and corporate operations, non-profit entities, and government contractors. There is a common denominator for all of our clients, the nature of the relationships we maintain with clients: Each client receives a custom-fitted catalog of services, and those services are supported by a foundation of unparalleled communication, clear thinking, and dedication beyond compare.

These core commitments remove the pressures of trying to operate and manage a growing business, while constantly having to monitor the fiscal health of the operation. Thus, our clients are free to do what they do best: Conduct business; develop their products and services; and evolve, where they achieve, and exceed, the goals and challenges they set for themselves.

So, we at Assurance Tax & Accounting invite you to experience world-class service, professionalism, and communication that keeps you, your business, and your assets safe, healthy, and, most importantly, performing.

Our Mission and Core Values:

Mission Statement:
Assurance Tax & Accounting is committed to assisting our clients in achieving financial success by providing high quality, value-added services, and by using our industry experience for the financial betterment of clients. Our company operates on a local, relationship-focused basis, ensuring our clients are well served and never compromised.

Internally, we promote the cultivation of a work environment wherein each of our employees has the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, as these elements will ensure our continued growth and strength. This, in turn, produces dividends for each client we represent.

Value Statement:
Continuous communication, open-door accessibility, rapid response, and exemplary problem resolution for our clients is the driving philosophy that has ensured our success and the success of each client we represent. We relentlessly pursue the right course of action in response to conflicts and problems that arise for our clients, and it is that sense of dedication that allows us to maintain our benchmark service standards.

Our Management Group:

ATA has, collectively, more than 15 years of tax and accounting experience. Our clients consistently have access to representation by an Account Executive who is knowledgeable and responsible for their account. Simply stated, we are dedicated to providing an extraordinary client experience.

ATA provides guidance, service, communication, and protection. Contact an ATA representative today. And let’s get to work.


“You Can Always Rest Assured With Assurance Tax & Accounting.”

Client Testimonials

Thank you for being an accounting firm that always has their clients' best interests as their top priority.

Art Tran
Dragon Software Inc

You provided us an excellent services.

Thanh Nguyen, USAISG